Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mommy guilt

A couple of weeks ago when Facebook was filled of first day of school pics I was a little jealous. I couldn't relate to the moms who posted things like "OMG! Thank God that they're back to school!!" but I do remember the excitement of the first day. I wondered for a bit if I was cheating my child out of something.

Yesterday we passed a local elementary school at recess and as we were stopped at the light I saw Mary staring at the kids on the playground. Again, I wondered if maybe I'm robbing her of some childhood rites of passage.

I know that in terms of education what we are doing for our child is %100 correct I just can't get over the mommy guilt. We are having a great time with our homeschooling friends so logically I know that school would be no better for her- but still, its there. Do you suffer from guilt? How do you get over it?

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  1. I think mommy guilt is inescapable! No matter how hard we work to do the absolute best for our kids, we are always worried we are screwing it up, always concerned we made a wrong turn. Keep doing your best, it's all we can do!